About Travo

way better than a rental vehicle

Travo is An INDIAN peer-to-peer vehicle sharing marketplace where you can book any vehicle you want, whenever you want, from a vibrant variety of trusted hosts around INDIA,Guests choose from a totally unique selection of nearby vehicles, while Hosts earn  extra cash to offset the costs of cars ownership.

A Pioneer of the sharing economy and the Travel industry in INDIA, Travo is a safe, supportive, economy boosting community over thousands of Hosts and many unique makes and models avialable.

whether it’s a rugged truck to help out on moving day, something smooth and buttery for a luxurious weekend away, OR a vintage van for a picture-perfect road trip, Travo lets you find the perfect vehicle for your next adventure.

Our Vision

Travo Aims at providing a safe, supportive and a wonderful expercience to both Our Hosts and Our Explorers.

Explorers are provided with a unique and fascinating vehicles nearby from trusted Hosts of Travo community around INDIA.

Mean while Hosts earn money from their vehicles when they are not using it. 

Our Mission

Travo’s Mission is to put millions of Vehicles in INDIA to better Use and Turn them into Money Making Machines.

We Aim at providing a Safe, Secure, Sustainable source of income for everyone and Thus empowring our community and Ecosystem.

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